Dr Aidan Shaw
Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Dr Aidan Shaw is a Consultant Interventional Radiologist with a keen interest in non-vascular intervention. He has a particular interest in embolisation techniques including prostate artery embolisation for benign prostatic hyperplasia, and testicular vein embolisation for varicoceles.

He completed his specialty training at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, where he also trained for two years as an Interventional Radiology Fellow. 

He has given numerous international and national lectures on interventional radiology and surgery, authored books as well as book chapters, and has been published extensively in a number of international peer-reviewed journals. He has also won awards and fellowships in the field of surgery and radiology. 

He is a member of the Royal College of Radiologists, the Royal College of Surgeons, the British Society of Interventional Radiology and the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe.